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Letter from the President

Happy New Year and Greetings!!

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Billy Creech and I am proud to be the newly elected MDHCA President. I’d also like to introduce your new Board Officers: Vice President – Bill Slutter, Treasurer – Darelyn Casebier, and Secretary – TBD. A huge Thank You to outgoing officers, though still on the Board of Directors: Andy Cohrs, Jackie Ridge, and Larry Vredenburgh. Rounding out the Board of Directors are Loris Mitchell, Rick Nisbet, Jim Donatz, and John Fishell.

As the title of this indicates, changes are happening at the MDHCA, some big and some small, they are all important, and there are many. Some of the changes aren’t changes at all, like this letter to you, but are just getting back to how some things used to be. However, in the 21st Century, there are changes that must be embraced for us to be able to not only survive, but to bring to bear all the MDHCA has to offer and become a truly valuable and strategically thriving organization as we navigate our way into the future.

The last Goffsgram we sent to you centered on our financial condition as a catalyst for a lot of this change – and that is being included in this mailing to reinforce the message that we have to change many things about how we’ve traditionally operated in order to regain a solid financial foothold and become relevant to a much larger audience.

Change does not mean that traditions or our original practices are discarded, far from it. In many cases, it means actually getting back to our original roots and remembering where we came from. Rekindling and strengthening relationships with government agencies and other like associations, bringing back our desert exploration and conservation activities, and celebrating our achievements and reminding the world what was accomplished out of our little nook of this amazing planet. But, it also means taking that explorer’s spirit to heart and stepping into the unknown and testing out our abilities in uncharted waters. Using relationships and technology to expose our message and offerings to the world, cutting costs, generating revenue, and expanding into new activities that are complementary to our mission in order to attract new members and excite existing ones.

We all have one thing in common – a love for and desire to see the MDHCA thrive. Please read, and then re-read the financial condition statement. Really understand it, and then think about how you can help us accomplish our all-important goals – and then act on it.

Your Board will be as transparent as possible with our performance. We will be setting goals for membership growth, revenue growth, cost reductions, activities and events, accessibility, and fundraising. We will do everything in our power to say what we do, and do what we say.

A fundamental business rule is that a crisis is the catalyst for change, and those who refuse to change will soon find themselves out of business. We are responding aggressively to this crisis and changing everything that needs to be changed in order to position ourselves for success. We are identifying things that don’t work, areas that could work better, and embracing new opportunities – and where those drive change, we are changing. I have no intention of failure and I’m in this fight, as are the rest of the Board members – we are asking you to join us by offering your skills, ideas, time, or even just your understanding when you hear of something changing that you may have held dear – understand it is for a reason, not just for the sake of change.

I promise you, there will be no better time to be a member!

In Exploration,


Events Calendar

06 Oct 2022;
43rd Mojave Road Rendezvous

Goffs Cultural Center Flyover

Goffs Cultural Center Aerial Tour

Dennis Casebier

Dennis Casebier passes away

1934 - 2021

Dennis G. Casebier passed away at his home in Bullhead City, Arizona on February 11, 2021, with his daughter Darelyn sitting at his bedside, he was 86 years old. Dennis was born in Topeka, Kansas on September 23, 1934, to Marvin and Mary (Kieffer) Casebier. 

New & Noteworthy

National Park & Preserve Roads Closed MP 2022 roadclosures

Storms swept through the Death Valley National Park and Mojave Preserve the last few weeks sweeping havoc on roads and trails. A shared section of the EMHT1 and Mojave Road and countless other locations are closed until further notice. For more details on the reroute, follow this link.

42nd Mojave Road Rendezvous

7-10 October 2021

2020 Rendezvous DinnerPhil Motz welcomes everyone to the Saturday evening Rendezvous dinner.

The forty-second annual Mojave Road Rendezvous is drawing closer. This year, Rendezvous will be over Columbus Day weekend 7-10 October 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you! We are offering field trips and several workshops and activities. However, the heart of this year's Rendezvous will be a memorial service to honor the memory of Dennis Casebier, our friend, and the founder of the MDHCA. The memorial will begin on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm and is open to the public.


Spring 2019: Recommended Alternate Route for Afton Canyon River Crossing

Mojave River Deep Water Crossing in Afton Canyon 2019

April 19, 2019. Mojave River, Afton Canyon, Deep Water Crossing. [Photo By John Marnell]

From time to time the water level in two places along the Mojave Road within Afton Canyon has become deeper than some people are comfortable driving through. There have been reports of the water running as high as 30+ inches. These two crossings are described in the Mojave Road Guide as at miles 120.5 and 121.5 – a quarter mile south of the BLM Campground.

MDHCA Publishes Two Books

Thursday, February 14, 2019 by Larry Vredenburgh

Mojave Road 1863 Front Cover18Since September 2018, the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association has published two new books; The Mojave Road in 1863 edited by Jeff Lapides and Postcards from Mecca edited by Ann Japenga and Warner V. Graves III.

The book by Jeff Lapides, The Mojave Road in 1863: The Pioneering Photographs of Rudolph d’Heureuse, highlights photographs taken by d’Heureuse in 1863-1864 during his travels along the Mojave Road—from Drum Barracks at the Port of Los Angeles to the mines of Eldorado Canyon on the Colorado River. These are the first photographs of the Mojave Road and of the Mojave Desert. Also included are never-before-published maps drafted by d’Heureuse.

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