Spring Encampment

Spring Encampment has been a tradition here at Goffs for nearly 30 years. It is a time to work around the place, to visit and enjoy the comraderie. We need you to RSVP - call us at 760-733-4482 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let us know if you plan to come and where you would like to stay.

Arioch M'Greene, our interim groundskeeper, has put this list together this "to-do" list.

Scrape and paint fascia board above Exhibit Hall doorway.
Scrape and paint Route 66 house. 
Scrape and paint Court House
Scrape and paint Caretaker porch and replace south steps. 
A/C shade West Depot
Fill rented rolloff dumpster of junk from boneyard
Foundation for Mojave Phone Booth
Assist Arioch in completing items off of "To-Do" list
Clean restrooms and trailers
Install donated EMHT sign at schoolbus or nearby EMHT exhibits
Organize boneyard lumber (stack railroad ties, like sized wood) 
Finalize Mojave Cross Exhibit (if needed)
Dig holes for solar installation North of Schoolhouse
Clean windows and shades/ blinds in Schoolhouse
Jackie wanted would like to add this item: Assemble two shelvings units that are in the north map shed.

More information can be found on the event page, here.


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Seeking Help

Over the last several months much has been accomplished around Goffs. But there is much more than maintenance and repair to our physical "plant" to keep the MDHCA going.  Spring Encampment is an important time to gather and knock out some large projects. However, we can use your help in other ways as well. Recently Billy Creech, MDHCA Board President put together this list. If you would be interested in helping in any of these categories, please contact us we would like to talk with you.

  • Heritage (Archive, Depot, Collections, History)
  • Grounds (Goffs site in total)
  • Media (Mojave Road Report, Goffsgram, Website, Social media)
  • Membership (New and Renewals as well as directional recommendations)
  • Awards (How we recognize people is a serious matter.)
  • Exhibits (Exhibit Hall, Museum, all displays - current and planned)
  • Policy/Process (Administrative - Compliance, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency.)
  • Legal (Administer our copyrights, artwork etc.)
  • Finance (Administrative)
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A Visit to Goffs

A Visit To Goffs, California - Route 66
Credit by Tim Little from Cape Night Photos

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African American Homesteading in Lanfair Valley

Lanfair School circa 1916 (MDHCA)
Lanfair School circa 1916 (MDHCA)

Lanfair Valley is located near the eastern boundary of the Mojave National Preserve. It is a quiet, often windswept expanse, dotted by creosote bush and Joshua trees. Lonely sand roads that once connected scattered homesteads, cattle ranches, and precious springs meander;across the desert between the Hackberry Mountains to the south and the New York Mountains to the north. Two main thoroughfares, LanfairRoad and Cedar Canyon Road, intersect at the site of Lanfair Station, a stop along the old Searchlight Branch of the Santa Fe Railroad where provisions and mail were dropped off for the desert settlers. There were two post offices near the rail stop for a short time, Dunbar and Lanfair, where people met and exchanged news. The one-room school house nearby to the east served as a place for celebrations and social gatherings.

Read more ...African American Homesteading in Lanfair Valley

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