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Books & Publications

Letters of Alfred R. Calhoun

Edited and annotated by John N. Marnell

Sales price: $21.55
Sales price: $48.49
Sales price: $18.86

MDHCA Annual Membership

MDHCA Mojave Report Newsletter included

Sales price: $25.00
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Mojave Desert Dictionary

Written by Patricia A. Schoffstall

Sales price: $21.55

Mojave Road Guide

Written by Dennis G. Casebier

Sales price: $21.50

Postcards from Mecca

Edited by Ann Japenga and Warner V. Graves III

Sales price: $21.55

Preserving California’s Treasures

Written and edited by Mimi Morris and Francelle Phillips

Sales price: $26.94

Silence and the Sun

Written by Joe de Kehoe

Sales price: $32.27