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Goffs Schoolhouse

Goffs Schoolhouse 1914

The Goffs Schoolhouse is a one-room mission style desert school built in 1914 by the County of San Bernardino to serve the growing population of the area.


Schoolhouse Neighbors

The Schoolhouse was used as the local community center. Through many of the 23 years it served as a school, dances were held in the building and it functioned as a branch of the county library. Photo from the mid-1920s. Betty (Pettit) Papierski Collection.


School Bus

The cottonwood trees planted on the southwest side of the school provided shade for the schoolyard in the afternoon. For the first several years individual trees were assigned to particular students to be watered and cared for.


White Cottage Restaurant

The National Old Trails Road and early alignment of Route 66 jogged around the White Cottage Restaurant. The Goffs Schoolhouse is on the far right. Betty (Pettit) Papierski Collection.