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Schoolhouse Restoration

deed donation

20 June 1998. Kathy Davis, Supervisor of San Bernardino County's 1st District, accepts the deed to the Schoolhouse from Dennis and Jo Ann Casebier on behalf of the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association, thereby kicking off the restoration work.


tearout wall

6 July 1998. The most noticeable change today was removal of 2/3 of the east wall—the portion that contains the six big windows. That point had been very badly vandalized. It was necessary to completely remove it so it can be reframed.


insulation removed

7 July 1998. There is scaffolding completely along the north and south sides of the building as the metallic tiles and decorative overhang are removed. That will all be replaced. All of the insulation is being removed. The Schoolhouse will be reinsulated with new material.


piles of lumber

11 July 1998. Ten loads of broken concrete and other debris have been hauled off to the landfill. We are left with great piles of used lumber to salvage. There will be a sufficient amount left over from the Schoolhouse to build the teacherage.



six big windows

15 July 1998. In the early morning hours the ECH crew commenced framing the big element for the east side containing the six big windows. The most dramatic moment of the day came when a team of nine raised it into position.


eyebrow extensions

1 August 1998. The extensions for the "eyebrows" were finished, but the planking is not down on the front row bottom and on the south row bottom. Plywood was put up on the west wall of the classroom today, further giving definition to that huge 800-square-foot room.


stucco repair

20 August 1998. The carpenters finalized the eyebrows. All the rafter extensions and the wood surfaces are in and covered with tar paper. The ECH team put in a long day, completing much of the detailed stucco repair and finishing.



sidewalks poured

17 November 1998. The stucco exterior has been painted a desert tan and the trim white. The interior has been painted and the floor put in. The doors and windows are installed, the sidewalks poured.



drinking fountain installed

23 December 1998. South side of the completely restored Schoolhouse. The tiles are all in place and painted, touch up has been accomplished, and the drinking fountain is installed and working.



southwest corner

23 December 1998. The southwest corner. Nine years previously, restoration was a dream. Four years later, the MDHCA was formed with one of its major goals being to restore the Schoolhouse and fundraising began in earnest.


east side

23 December 1998. The east side shows off the magnificent windows which were originally the only source of interior light. We have created a jewel here that will grace this part of the desert long after we are all gone.


National Register

11 October 2001. Through the efforts of a UNLV graduate public history class taught by Dr. Andrew Kirk, an application was prepared and coordinated, resulting in the Goffs Schoolhouse being officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Department of the Interior. This milestone has been commemorated with a bronze plaque posted at the Schoolhouse entrance.