Samson Windmill

Samson Windmill in 1912

Original windmill

Ernest and Herbert Lanfair erected the huge 20-foot diameter Samson windmill at Old Lanfair in 1912. The windmill was operated there for many years. It was torn down by the OX Ranch in the early 1980s and replaced with a windmill that was easier to operate.
John Farmer Collection
Samson 20-foot windmill tower

Work begins

20 April 2012
OX Ranch owner Gary Overson gave the windmill to the MDHCA some time back. It was then in pieces and parts on the ground. John Terrill and Dennis Casebier brought it to Goffs. We've been wanting to put up this wonderful artifact for many years. At the 2012 Spring Encampment, Sharon Holmes and Don Walter stepped up to tackle the job. Major tasks will include figuring out how to assemble all the pieces and parts and how to straighten out some bent metal, fabricating other pieces, and doing some welding.
Photo by Chris S. Ervin
Don & Hugh working on windmill brace

Windmill brace

26 July, 2, 5, 10 August 2012
Don Walter was here working on the Samson Windmill from Old Lanfair. During this hot weather he comes early and works until about noon. With assistance from Hugh Brown, he is assembling the frame. It is a very big job and will take Don a long time to finish. When it's all done the tower will stand about 35 feet tall.
Work continues on windmill brace

Work continues

10, 17, 24 September, 24 October 2012
Don Walter continues to do more work on the Samson Windmill. After several visits by Don to bolt in the braces, the tower is now completed, although it is still lying on the ground. Now we can take measurements to determine the size of the concrete pad. Most of the windmills out in the East Mojave were Aermotors, so this Samson is somewhat unique.
Samson Windmill blades

Windmill blades

29 October 2011
The 20-foot diameter Samson windmill fan that stood over Old Lanfair in 1912. Don has now begun assembly of the fan supports.
Photo by Leslie A. Ervin

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