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Charlie Connell and the Feeders

17 February 2012. Charlie Connell with the two American Boy Ten-Stamp Mill feeders he meticulously restored. (Photo by Dennis G. Casebier)

Charlie and FeedersCharlie and Kathy Connell arrived from Phoenix pulling the Big Tex Trailer. On it were the two completely restored “feeders” for the American Boy Stamp Mill.

Charlie did a wonderful job on these restorations. He spent about 200 hours total working on them. They are now ready to be installed in the mill when the frame goes up and battery boxes go into place.

See the American Boy Stamp Mill report.


30 May 2011. Hugh Brown horses around with John Harrington, Jo Ann Casebier, Lena the dog, and the historic Alexander Wagon donated by Dottie Lewis and restored by John Harrington. (Photo by Dennis G. Casebier)

Restored Alexander WagonSome of you may remember that about a year ago (as reported in the Mojave Road Report) a crew went up to Pinto Valley to the property of Dottie Lewis and retrieved a wagon she had donated to us. This wagon was hand-built by Pinto Valley homesteader Julius Alexander in the mid-1920s.

Letters of Alfred R. Calhoun: Mojave Desert 1867-1868

15 April 2011. New Letters of Alfred R. Calhoun edited and annotated by John N. Marnell released.

Alfred R. Calhoun, sent letters back East while traveling with the Union Pacific Railway survey led by General William J. Palmer. Calhoun was an astute and articulate recorder of events and people encountered in the wilds of the post-Civil War Desert West.

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Tales of the Mojave Road: The Military

Tales of the Mojave Road: The MilitaryHardbound Collectors Edition!

24 April 2007. New Mojave Road history by Dennis Casebier released.

In 1859, the U. S. Army began establishing a line of fortifications stretching across the East Mojave Desert to protect settlers, miners, and the mails from Indian resistance. This is the story of the Americans who built, manned, and in some cases, deserted, these lonely posts marking a path of western migration across a harsh and unforgiving land.

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